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6lb Cherry Bomb and Spray Combo

6lb Cherry Bomb and Spray Combo

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Now you can get Cherry Bomb Attractant and Field Spray in a combo pack! 

Cherry Bomb Attractant 

  • Long-Range Attractant: Cherry Bomb pulls deer from afar with highly palatable protein ingredients, added vitamins and Trophy Rock minerals. 
  • Dual Purpose: The unique blend of ingredients provides both attraction and nutrition for healthy growth and antler development. 
  • From the Makers of Trophy Rock: Made by the most trusted name in deer minerals for over 20 years. 
  • Trail Cam Companion: Get the best trail cam shots using Cherry Bomb. 


Cherry Bomb Field Spray 

  • Long-range attractant 
  • Highly effective wind/cover spray 
  • Refresh Cherry Bomb Site 

How do I use these together? 

Deer Love It!  Apply Cherry Bomb to your minerals site when deer leave Trophy Rock by evenly spreading it on the ground Deer cannot resist the aroma and enjoy the palatable protein ingredients with added vitamins and minerals.  Refresh your site and protect your scent with Cherry Bomb Field Spray.  Before getting into your stand, spray Cherry Bomb Spray on the ground at a location you want the deer to stop and smell it.  From your tree stand, spray a mist into the air and on your tree every 20-30 minutes to pull deer in from afar.   


Combo also available in Apple.